hen-thinking-750-wideHen Weekend

Lucy is considering, yes, a Big House Party! She’s nervous, wants the weekend to be just sooo purrfect and asked if I thought it a good idea for a hen weekend. And how to set about now selling the idea to 18+ hens, all of whom have their own ideas on what they should be doing!

Now into our fourth year of the Big House Party here, so, even if I say so myself, I like to think I can be of some use! And make organising the perfect Hen Weekend easier for the Chief Bridesmaid on whom this – dare I say it – sometimes seemingly thankless tasks falls!

O.K here goes! Hardly surprising the Big House Party is a growing trend and particularly with hens! 

Why should we do the Big House Party?mother-of-the-bride

Not everyone will necessarily want to do the same thing for the entire weekend – will the mother of the bride and groom necessarily want to party late into the early hours!

If knicker making is not up everyone’s street but a spa treatment is and at least three of the girls are pregnant and definitely do not want a night out on the town, the Big House Party gives everyone their own space and makes for a more flexible agenda.! What could be worse than Aunt Elsie spoiling the fun!

fountain in front of buildingSave the Date

Finding a weekend when everyone can come, and the property she has set her heart on is up for grabs, means planning well ahead! As the cost is for the entire property, then the more the merrier, bringing down the cost per guest – leaving money in the kitty for all those ‘must haves’ which make for the unique Big House Party experience!

How are we going to pay for it?table laid for dining

Agree a budget before the bride pins her heart to the one property many of her friends cannot afford! Then set up a bank account into which the hens pay money so payment dates can be easily met and there is money in the kitty for again all those ‘must haves’ which make for the unique Big House Party experience!

Not everyone will want to take taxis into the local town and party hard and return in the early hours!

Why not put the money that you would have spent on expensive cocktails and taxis into an evening to remember with your own butler and chef? The Big House Party allows you to do just that with a cocktail party and bespoke catering to suit every taste and budget.