The Country House Party

singerWe’ve all read about and seen it – the country house party – but many people have yet to experience one for themselves.

The country house party was a popular concept amongst the landed gentry before World War Two, after which the scale and popularity of the house party was tempered by a decline in the number of people still with the financial means to host one.

 First a global recession, and now Brexit, surprising is it not that this decadent phenomenon that happened in the elite circles of the 1920s and 30s is being repeated in country houses the length and breadth of the country each and every weekend?

Our love of all things retro – be it vintage tea parties or cocktail parties – coupled with our insatiable thirst for experiential events, surely champagne-glassesexplains their revival, albeit in a very different guise. The idea of a big party in a country house, once the prerogative of the rich or famous, is now something that we all want to buy into and which, as we have repeatedly been told to tighten our belts, is something which is surprisingly affordable and even justifiable.

As the cost of a night out in town continues to spiral – factoring in a meal, drinks and taxis – double that if you go out Friday and Saturday evenings – hardly surprising that for a not much greater spend you can escape for the weekend with the same group of friends and split the cost of hiring your own pad in the country! And for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas & New Year or just a few days catching up with friends or family, this popular trend continues to grow.

 funcasino1The country house party has completely reinvented itself, becoming the Big House Party which now, entirely bespoke, meets the expectations of the guests.

We now want even sometimes a themed House Party – a Murder Mystery house party or a Great Gatsby or James Bond event with casino, croupiers and flapper girls!

 If you are looking for a smaller, yet entirely exclusive wedding venue, what could be more perfect than an intimate country house wedding?

 Talk to us: we can provide bespoke house parties for a wide range of budgets.