Hens just wanna have fun!Happy hen party girl waving

Come on girls – a hen party without games just wouldn’t be much of a hen party at all, would it? Perfect to kick start the party, hen party games are a great ice-breaker!
So do make sure you have a few tucked up your sleeve, which you will still remember after a few glasses of Prosecco!

thumb_p6030012_1024                      Mr & Mrs!
                      So how well does the bride know the groom?thumb_p5070016_1024
This must be the classic hen party game.
Here are the questions.

                     How Well Do You Know The Bride?
And how well do each of the girls know the bride!
Here are the questions.

You will have to do some forward planning to play both games:
Design of a pink tick on grey backgroundAsk the Mr & Mrs quiz questions to the groom before the party. Why not capture him and his answers on your phone – hilarious stuff!

Design of a pink tick on grey backgroundDecide before the party who will ask the questions for both games and agree the forfeits if the bride gives an incorrect answer! And why not have a number of small gifts for the bride, to reward her for every right answer.

Design of a pink tick on grey backgroundPrint out the How Well Do We Know The Bride quiz for each hen and do allow some time for all the hens to complete the quiz.

Design of a pink tick on grey backgroundThere could be more than one winner so, if everyone is still having fun, have a couple of really tricky questions at the ready which really do test how well someone does know the bride!

Design of a pink tick on grey backgroundMake sure you have a small prize to give her and have dreamed up a funny forfei­­t for the loser!

Let the fun begin!
Do ensure that the bride is centre stage and that all the girls can see and/or hear the groom’s answers from a TV, laptop or speakers. Remind the bride that there will be forfeits – so not too many wrong answers!!