Somewhere for all reasons


Blossom with lawn behind
Daffodils with lake and field behind
Champagne and cushions with plants behind

A house for all reasons, our extensive grounds perfectly reflect the changing seasons, Highfields Manor will never disappoint, whether you enjoy the estate

  • in Summer, when our summer bedding spills over our pots, baskets and borders
  • in early Autumn when our beech trees take on a golden hue and the leaves of the sycamores darken to the colour of a full bodied red
  • in Winter when the firs glisten with the first frost in the pale light of a December morning
  • in Spring when snowdrops and crocuses peep through the last snow of Spring, Highfields Manor & Spa will never disappoint


Summer bedding plants with stable behind
Heron with pond and field behind
Sunrise under trees

Enjoy your Big House Party with our many four footed and feathered friends who have made Highfields Manor & Spa their home.

Awaken to the pecking of a woodpecker joined by the full dawn chorus and fall asleep to the hooting of a barn owl. Hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, rabbits and hares too can be relied upon to put in an appearance during a stay made memorable by the many birds.

The grounds at Highfields Manor & Spa provide the perfect backdrop, whatever the season and whatever the reason, for an incomparable Big House Party. Simply yours to enjoy whenever!

Autumn leaves
Winter sunrise over frozen fields and trees
Snow covering manor house

Highfields Manor & Spa gives kids the right to be just that – kids!

To explore the great outdoors, parents secure in the knowledge that the grounds are secure and safe. Splash in the puddles, kick up the Autumn leaves, follow the rainbow, fish in the duck pond, have fun in the pool or build a snowman – whatever the season, we promise our younger visitors a great Big House Party!

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